VideogamoArgentinaAges 7- 13

View DOBOTONE during the digiPlaySpace event.

DOBOTONE's unpredictable party games let up to four players play together, while the fifth player changes the rules of the game as they go.

Canadian Premiere

DOBOTONE is a five-player video in which four players compete in a variety of party games using two-button controllers. The fifth person takes on the role of the powerful Game Remixer, changing the variables of the games in real time through the console's special knobs and buttons to turn the challenge (and the party) up!


Videogamo is an Argentina-based collective comprised of systems analyst Máximo Balestrini and filmmaker Hernán Sáez. Their current project, DOBOTONE, won Best Experimental Game at the 2016 Tokyo Game Show, and has been exhibited at the 2015 Video Games Exposition of Argentina and the 2016 IndieCade in Los Angeles. Read more.