Keita Takahashi and Adam SaltsmanJapan / USAAges 5- 13

View Alphabet during the digiPlaySpace event.

1 to 26 players cooperate on the same keyboard to move cartoon letters through a silly obstacle course.

Canadian Premiere

Move your alphabet characters through a silly obstacle course, running and jumping over barriers and falls. This game's silly artwork, engaging music, and simple mechanics introduce kids to the full alphabet through cooperative play.

Keita Takahashi

Keita Takahashi is a Japanese game designer and artist. His works include Katamari Damacy (04), its sequel, We Love Katamari (05), and ALPHABET (13). Takahashi and his wife founded the game-design company uvula in 2010. Read more.

Adam Saltsman

Adam Saltsman runs a mom-and- pop indie game label in Grand Rapids, Michigan with his wife Bekah, and has been designing strange, new games since 2006. Read more.